The SHORIN RYU KARATE KYUDOKAN is the karate style formalized by Master Yuchoku Higa, direct student of Choshin Chibana. The style has its roots in the traditional karate of Okinawa; the current successor in command of the school is Minoru Higa, direct heir of the founder. It differs from the other Shorin Ryu based karate styles in the different use of the body and energy.  

"Kyudo Mugen."

In time I realized that the most important thing is to be ready to give assistance to others.

Moreover it is important not to set oneself limits, therefore I now preach Kyudo Mugen” (the study-trail is never-ending).

The Karate pathway is as immensely vast, profound and boundless as the heavens that go on for ever beyond all limits.

Yuchoku Higa